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What to Try Wednesdays – Infant Oral Massager

I use a wonderful product for therapy for early feeding and oral stimulation is the Z-vibe in my treatment sessions. As an SLP – I LOVE this product. However, it is very pricey (It starts at $36).

Recently I came across the Dr Mom Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush by Summer Infant. I really like the ridged edge of the gum stimulator. It’s available at Babies R Us and is only $9.99. It’s not as functional as the Z-vibe if you want a spoon tipped applicator, but in children with hyposensitivity (not sensitive) it helps to increase awareness in the mouth. This is an important step in getting ready to eat solids.

If the Z-vibe is recommended, talk to your SLP about the Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush. It just might be the right fit!