Friday Family Fun – Cooking with your child with Down syndrome

Each Friday we have a family night complete with easy dinner and a movie. One way to get the kids involved is through cooking. My youngest brother Sam (13) has Down syndrome and Celiac disease. He is also an incredibly picky eater. I’ve learned he’s willing to try bites of new foods if he’s included in the preparation.

I love the Family Fun website for it’s easy, kid friendly recipes. Including all of your children (including those with Down syndrome) in simple cooking activities targets the following language skills:

  • Listening comprehension – understanding and following directions
  • Sequencing skills – first, next, last
  • Word associations –  words that are related by an activity such as different ingredients, cooking supplies, etc.
  • Descriptive vocabulary – temperature (hot, warm, cold), size (large egg, medium bowl), location (in the oven, on top of the cake)
  • Life Skills (food preparation, working cooperatively)

Keep the recipe simple and fun. Children learn best through real-life experience!