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Lessons I Learned from April

Derek, May 2010

This past weekend my brother Derek came to Cincinnati for a visit. While here he found an old essay he wrote for a college class in 1998. With his permission I’m posting it for you to read.  

What I find most special about this paper is the last paragraph. Derek writes, 

“April is still young and learning how to read, and she may never read any of this, but I want everyone to know how great it is to have her in my life.” 

Well, this weekend April read his paper – all by herself. It was truly special milestone for both of them. 

Thank you Derek for allowing me to share this with so many. I love you and am proud of who you are too.  

Derek and April
Jenny, April, and Derek

2 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from April”

  1. Jen, I read this with tears in my eyes…I fondly remember your sweet sister with a BIG smile on her face! What a privilege it is to read your brother’s essay and hear his heart and also to see picts of you 3 together! How neat, thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  2. Not onlly can she read Derek’s paper but she has also read all 4 books in the Twilight Series. She continues to learn daily just as any other adult should be doing. Mom/Susan

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