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IEP Toolkit now available for families of students with Down syndrome!

Gretchen H. Carroll, M.A., Education Coordinator for the Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, has created and researched the IEP Toolkit as an instrument for families of children with Down syndrome.

Helping Families of Children with Down Syndrome Become Knowledgeable, Prepared, and Empowered Partners in the IEP Process



This IEP Toolkit was written for you! (Note: the toolkit is accessible by clicking on blue words in the post or through the picture, 8/18/10 JB)

Here’s a little more about the IEP Toolkit:

The special education system can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is the written document that outlines your child’s specific educational program. We know a strong IEP is necessary for our child’s individual needs to be met. Yet it is common for us to feel insecure and unprepared during our child’s IEP meeting. Surrounded by teachers, administrators, and special education personnel, our voice can get lost. This toolkit was written to help you find your voice.

As family members of a child with Down syndrome, we come to IEP meetings with love for our child and a commitment to his or her education. We must also come with a strong understanding of the IEP itself, detailed information about our child’s specific needs, and an understanding of appropriate goals. This IEP Toolkit is designed to help you gather the necessary information. Focused preparation is essential to the development of an effective educational plan, and a strong IEP leads to improved educational success for your child.

Look for an interview with Gretchen in an upcoming post! ~ Jennifer

5 thoughts on “IEP Toolkit now available for families of students with Down syndrome!”

  1. WoW jennifer what perfect timing. I haven’t looked at the tool kit yet but I was excited to congradulate you on following thru the promise you made at the Wy DS conference. (did you ever find out who owns all of those cows) “)

    1. Thanks Jane! And I did find out who owns all those cows, sort of… Lots of people do – they pay to have their cows roam free on the open land. Something about grass to cow to acreage ratio. I’m sure you could explain it much better!
      All the best ~ Jennifer

  2. Gloria – You can access the packet by clicking on the blue, highlighted words IEP Toolkit. It will open directly to everything you need.

    Good luck!

  3. I would like to be able to prepare a IEP for my son that will help him achieve.

    What can I do to recieve this packet or learn how to prepare his IEP better?


    Gloria Artis

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