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Writing your own stories… for communication and behavior success: Part II

I’ve had many requests for sample social stories. Thank you! Unfortunately, I can’t legally post the ones I use in clinic as they contain patient photos. So, I’ve created one with my sons and linked it here:

 I use safe hands.

In addition, I wanted to let you all know about another social language resource, Picture Books for Social Skills. There are two picture books I love for teaching social skills, both by Jed Baker. Click on the pictures below and use Amazon’s Look Inside feature to see what I mean – they are really wonderful! 

Both books use photos to illustrate social interactions such as asking a friend to play, personal space, and keeping friends. Like the social stories by Carol Gray the they were written for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, I like them for children with Down syndrome because of the visual-learning aspect embedded in each of the lessons. I adapt the books for children with Down syndrome in my therapy groups the following ways:

  • Each week the small (2-4 participants) group meets we cover 1-2 lessons. Depending on the age and understanding of the participants I will change the words to improve comprehension.
  • After we read the social interaction like, “Don’t be a space invader,” I have the children act-out the desired skills using toys or games in the clinic.
  • I provide reminders out loud, show the photos again, offer immediate praise, and take pictures of the children performing the skills. The parents are observing on video so they know what lesson we covered and how to help encourage their child at home.
  • The following week I have the photos printed and laminated into individual story books for each child. We review the skills from the week before and they have the books to read for reinforcement at home.

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  1. Jennifer. Now I have read and worked with the tool kit. Its is the best help I have found online or in any book store ! Thank=you Jennifer from the bottom of my heart

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