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31 for 21: Jamie Foxx on his sister with Down syndrome

Did you know that Jamie Foxx has a sister with Down syndrome? I didn’t! (Although I’m really out of the celebrity loop)  Her name is DeOndra Dixon. Jamie doesn’t call Down syndrome a “condition” just “living.” A diagnosis doesn’t describe who we are, it is just one facet of our lives a person.

I agree with *almost* everything he says about his sister, with the exception that “she always tells the truth”. Maybe she is a really honest person, but I’ve yet to meet a young adult with Down syndrome that always tells the truth (or a person without DS for that matter). Most young adults with DS I know tell you what you want to hear – They are just that savvy!

Regardless, what I really love about Jamie is that he gets a positive message out there. People with Down syndrome really are more like us than they are different. They have other qualities that define them as people, not a diagnosis given at birth. My siblings are all very different. April is a diva. There’s no denying it. And she’s really interested in working and learning new things. She’s an avid reader. Jacob is a kind young man who likes to listen to music and is very interpersonal. He’s not “happy all the time,” he’s just an easy-going guy. Sam. What do I say about him? He’s one of the most coordinated 13 year olds I’ve ever met – and he’s got a 6-pack. He also schmoozes like a certain 68-year-old man I know. He is a quite the charmer.

I’m glad Jamie Foxx is getting the word out. People with Down syndrome are people first. They have many different personalities and character qualities. They should be valued for what they bring to our communities. Go Jamie and DeOndra!

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  1. We are on the same wave length. I just sent you a link to the Jamie Foxx story. You must have Google Alert!

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