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31 for 21: Fire burning on the dance floor in Casper, WY

In June my colleague Gretchen Carroll (AKA The I.E.P. Guru) went to Casper, Wyoming for the WyDSA’s annual family conference. In other posts you’ve heard me rave about how much fun we had. Well to top the weekend off there was a “Buddy Ball.” Yes. With dancing. And nothing was going to stop me from going!

What you may not realize is,  if I come to speak at your event and there is karaoke or dancing afterward… a)I will participate and b) I will dance like Elaine Benes. I am sure my husband will be embarrassed by actual photos of my dance skills. Regardless of what anyone may say – I had a lot of fun with all the kids, adults, families, and volunteers that night. Where else can you dance for hours (without alcohol) and have the DJ give you a last-song warning? Only at a DS event.

I have no idea what Gretchen and I are doing in these pictures but we are certainly having fun! It’s good to be transparent, right?