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31 for 21: Textured spoons found locally!

Yay! I’ve found another item to add to my “If you like (insert therapy product), then try this item!” list.

Sometimes feeding therapists will recommend a textured spoon in order to help with transition to spoon-feeding for children with oral sensory needs. A textured spoon provides:

  • Increased stimulation to the tongue when eating
  • A small bowl size helps provide appropriately sized bites

The problem(s) families have reported:

  • Textured spoons are only available to purchase through the internet or speciality catalogue 
  • They are difficult to find individually necessitating the purchase of bulk quantities (therefore increasing price anywhere from $11-32 depending on the company)

Thankfully, I’ve found a product that solves both of these problems. A family recently came into the clinic with spoons by Playtex for Baby Einstein. There is just a bit of texture on the back of the spoon bowl and have a smaller shape – perfect for little mouths! They can by purchased locally at most Target stores or online through Amazon. And you get 2 for less than $5.

So if your therapist recommends a textured spoon try this spoon is made by Playtex for Baby Einstein.

3 thoughts on “31 for 21: Textured spoons found locally!”

  1. Thank you Jennifer. I wonder if we can find any a bit larger for older kids that still need mouth stim. why is it so hard to find a SLP or OT that will work in a participants mouth?

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