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31 for 21: Move to the music

Ever wonder why children’s songs and finger-plays have motions to them? Well early in life children (including those with Down syndrome) learn to coordinate big movements (gross motor) before small movements (fine motor). Songs that have gestures help children learn the words (speech) and are a great learning tool (memory). Music and movement are very motivating to children – another plus when it comes to learning new skills. This is why therapists and early intervention specialists recommend using songs and finger-plays when trying to encourage early speech.

Think back to your days at summer camp or cub scouts. I bet you can recall MANY songs that included motions. So, for the fall I am posting one of my favorites: Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel. If you know it, it just started running through your head and will be stuck there all day. Sorry.  

Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel! (Bounce up and down on the words)
Swish your bushy tail! (Shake it)

Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel!
Swish your bushy tail!

Put a nut between your toes (Touch your toes)
Wrinkle up your little nose! (Poke your nose)

Grey squirrel, Grey squirrel!
Swish your bushy tail!

Who says teaching your child speech can’t also be fun? Now, get busy swishing!

PS – Video is not my son – but very cute nonetheless