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31 for 21: How to make friends and keep them, a Families Connect Presentation

This was just shared with our staff and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for local families with older children (adolescents and beyond) with Down syndrome:

When trying to make new friends…no matter what your age…it is always important to remember what makes you feel happy, healthy, and safe.

Barbara J. Thomas, M.Ed., C.S.E., JSOC; Director of the TECS Education Center and Executive Director of The Tall Institute will discuss how you can assist your child, teen, or adult family member with developmental disabilities to understand what makes a healthy and not so healthy relationship, how to identify signs of abuse, and understanding one’s changing body and emotions while going through puberty and how this affects your relationships. These are just a few of the topics we will cover during the first hour of our meeting. Following the presentation, there will be time for open discussion, questions and collaboration.

Please come and network, learn, share, and receive support. Wednesday, November 3, 2010 6:30-8:00pm at the TALL Institute; 3950 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

For Questions or to R.S.V.P. contact Sally Kilcoyne at 513.619.2945 or

About Families Connect
In 2004, in response to families’ frustrations about a lack of support systems within the local community, RHC CITE Services started Parent/Caregiver Support and Discussion Groups. Over the years, the program has grown and is now known as Families Connect.
Families Connect offers parents and other care givers regular opportunities to: Discuss topics helpful to their family experience, Share their stories while learning from and supporting others, Network, and Receive Information about community services and opportunities.
The discussion groups provide opportunities for group discussion and support on topics that are relevant and of interest to the participants. Each meeting features an identified topic that provides a flexible framework for the ensuing discussion. With support from the group’s facilitator(s), the participants direct the discussion to fit each group’s interests and needs. Families Connect meets once a month at various locations throughout the community.

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  1. Barb is going to talk to parents of the Sycamore school district Monday. I will be there. Great speaker with lots of usable ideas. Susan

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