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31 for 21: The Parent’s Journey presented by CCHMC’s Family Resource Center

Another wonderful opportunity for families in Cincinnati!

The Parent’s Journey…From Shattered Dreams to Hope for the Future

Parents attach to their children through dreams, yearnings, fantasies, illusions and projections into the future. Children are often seen as one’s ultimate “life products,” the reflection and extension of one’s very being. A disability most always shatters parents’ plans, hopes and dreams. Grieving is the process that helps parents let go of what has been lost, to find new, life enhancing dreams.

About The Workshop:
Through an actively dynamic and interactive model, Dr. Ken Moses describes, explores and facilitates the process that parents experience when their child has special needs. Dr. Moses explains how different aspects of grief – denial, anxiety, fear, guilt, depression and anger – allow us to cope, gather resources and support, and over the long-term redefine our values, priorities and beliefs, and grow as parents.

Understanding these constructive dynamics of the grieving process can have a dramatically positive impact on the parents, and thereby, on the child. It can reverse difficult, even destructive family interactions and dysfunctional parent/ professional relationships. To this end, this workshop is equally useful for professionals who work with parents of children with special medical, therapeutic and/or educational needs.

About The Presenter:
Dr. Moses is a psychologist who has devoted himself to helping people deal with crisis, trauma and loss. He is a nationally renowned speaker, author and clinician who has focused much of his work on parents of children with disabilities, as he is also a parent of a child with special needs. His counseling approach can have a powerful impact on the lives of people dealing with profound loss, and has proven useful to caregivers across the spectrum of helping professions. Dr. Moses is in private practice in Evanston, Illinois and provides individual, couple and family psychotherapy consulting in person or by telephone.

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