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Let’s Talk Down Syndrome

In April I posted in celebration of 1-year of blogging on Down syndrome and communication. Lately I’ve been thinking  about the title of the blog – Communication Skills for Life. When I started the blog I wanted to focus on the essentials of speech, language, and other aspects of communication in children with DS.

My husband told me when I started blogging that the title was WAY too long (and I agree). So I’ve updated to a simpler name: Let’s Talk DS

Don’t worry. The primary purpose of the blog is still speech. You can look forward to a series on speech clarity soon! But, Let’s Talk DS will also include interviews and updates on DS ‘hot topics.’

You can still find the site through the old address: https://communicationskillsforlife.wordpress.com or use the new one www.letstalkds.org

As always, your comments and post suggestions are welcomed. So – Let’s Talk Down Syndrome!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Down Syndrome”

  1. Question – my little girl has GREAT receptive language, but terrible expressive language (she is two and is in the three – six month range developmentally with expressive language). My speech therapist wants me to work on a PECS system with her which I have no doubt she will understand (she currently signs about 50 signs and is using them to communicate with me). Shouldn’t we be working on expressive language instead of getting her to point to a picture? Thoughts? Thank you.

    1. Christine, Typically (and I say this because I don’t know your daughter) I will use sign instead of PECS. PECS was developed for children who don’t initate communication. Does she intiate – get your attention with gestures or her voice? Does she start songs or finger plays like peek-a-boo with you? Is she engaging and interactive despite limited speech? If so, then I would sign and encourage speech. At two, I would still be working on early language and imitation of speech sounds during play provided there aren’t concerns with joint attention (playing/looking at a toy together) and interactive.

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