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Finally! An “open” cup available in the US – and in stores

Sassy has just released their Grow Up Cup! It’s similar to the Amadeus 360 available in the UK. You may have worked with a feeding specialist who really wants your child to use an open cup. You nod politely and watch patiently as your baby bites on the rim, gets juice everywhere, and finishes her therapy session soaked. And you think – there is NO WAY I’m going to be able to do an open cup.

Now you CAN do an open cup

Caveat – I have not gotten mine in yet – I have tried the UK version and was very impressed. And how did I hear about this gem? Facebook. Yes Facebook. I’ll admit it showed up in my sidebar ads (which I constantly ignore) and I had to check it out.

I will order it, use it with my small friends in our clinic and give you a report back, “How to use an open sippy cup with children with Down syndrome.” For now I can tell you – This cup looks very promising. And it meets my treatment material criteria – affordable and available locally. Let me know if you have one – I’d love some feedback!