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It’s Here! The Annual Gift List for Children with Down Syndrome!!!

Our team members are often asked what kinds of toys we suggest for children with Down syndrome. For the past several years I’ve compiled a list in November/December for this very reason. Our criteria when chosing toys:

  • Engaging/ interesting
  • Target specific goals we address in therapy
  • Not too annoying (limited bells and whistles)
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Encourage adult-child or child-child interaction
  • Available locally or on common on-line sites

This year I would like to thank Krystin Turner and Emily Mertz (occupational therapists), Abbey Kent (physical therapist), and Shelley Myers and Kelsey Snyder (speech pathologists) for their help with the list – Go Team Thomas Center!

I’m always looking for engaging toys and activities so feel free to share some of your favorites too.

Click here to start browsing: 2011 Gift Guide