31 for 21: Come on Get Happy!

I have a confession to make – Tuesdays are my favorite days at the Thomas Center. On Tuesday mornings our team meets with children from birth to three years old. I work directly with our physician, dietitian, PT, OT, nurse, and social worker who are all so dedicated to their work with DS. And we meet the most amazing families. 

Recently a parent on the Let’s Talk DS Facebook page suggested “praise for the parents!” So here it is. For the purpose of this post I will use the term parents to represent the people caring for the child in their home. I know that parents can be any number of people raising a child – from Mom, to great-aunt, to friend.

I am continuously impressed with all that families do for their child(ren) with DS. The love, support, and excitement shared by families is infectious. It transfers to our team and affects the tone of  the appointment. It follows us throughout the day and lifts our spirits. Parents do this for us each and every day!

People outside of the DS world say to me all the time, “Your job must be so rewarding.” It is. And I have parents to thank for that. Thank you for allowing me to share in your joys and frustrations. Thank you letting me be a part of your child’s team. Thank you for showing me “love in action” as you raise your child.

Just yesterday our team had a particularly good morning – not easy – but positive. Abbey our PT and I got the chorus of the Judy Garland song, “Come on get happy!” stuck in our heads. So, I’m sharing the love. Thanks for sharing yours!