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When I grow up…

Today I started my journey as a scholar in the Point of Care (POC) Scholar Program though Cincinnati Children’s (CCHMC). As an institution CCHMC values clinical practices that are supported by research. To improve patient care, nurses and allied health professionals (such as speech and physical therapy) may apply for the year-long POC Scholar Program to receive training in evidence based practice research. If accepted, the participant (scholar) will learn how to:

  • Examine literature in their specialty area (such as the effectiveness of speech therapy in children with Down syndrome)
  • Critically appraise what has been described
  • Integrate evidence with personal expertise AND patient preferences
  • Look at current clinical practice and recommendations
  • Spread the information learned to others

Over the next year I look forward to sharing more about the program and the specific area I’m investigating. (Hint: It’s related to Down syndrome).

Inspired by my friend Jen and Pinterest’s “first day of school” pictures, I had my husband take this super cheesy picture of me leaving for the program today. Enjoy!POCScholar

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  1. I can’t wait to hear more reports on your program. Nice first-day-of- school photo, geek! 🙂

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