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2013 Gift List is here!!!

All of the commercials advertising Thanksgiving day shopping (shudder) have me thinking – Gift List Time!!! One of the most common questions I get is, “It’s my child’s birthday soon. Do you have any toy recommendations? You know, things that they will use and be therapeutic?” Yes and Yes.

Frankly, I know why Oprah loved to list her favorite things. It’s just fun. This year I’m putting out 3 lists:

  1. School Age Gift List linked below
  2. Infant-Toddlers (blog post TBD)
  3. A special surprise list (!!!) in early December

Now for my soap box (skip to list if you’ve heard it). It’s my opinion that spending time together – interacting and playing – are more important than anything on this list. None of these items were developed for children with DS. There is nothing magical in a product; even the ones I’ve listed for you. The magic* is in relationship.

Think about your closest friend. Why are you friends? What do you both have in common? Do you only do things that one of you enjoys? Your child wants the same thing – Someone to listen and share in their activities. That’s what the 2013 Gift List list is all about. Most toys included are meant to be enjoyed together.

Drum roll please…..

Toys for School Age Children with Down Syndrome

*Full Disclosure: None of the toys suggested are magical. Any questions related to magic should be directed to J.K. Rowling or similar authority on the matter. (Insert tongue-in-cheek). Toys listed are for informational purposes only. I have not been paid or otherwise strong-armed into recommending any of these items. Opinions are my own and may not reflect those of my employer.

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