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A One Word New Year

CC by ozmafan ( Adapted by Talk-DS 2014
CC by ozmafan (
Adapted by Talk-DS 2014

Recently I read an article on SheLoves Magazine about the concept of a One Word New Year. Lose the list of resolutions and embrace where you are right now. Pick a word to guide you the next 365 days. That’s the idea of a One Word New Year.

This year the word for is Nourish.

Nourish: to cause (something) to develop or grow stronger

A look back 

This year the post Pre-feeding Exercises for Children with Down syndrome: A Must? garnered the most attention around the web. My purpose in writing the post was:

  • To shed light on common misconceptions about oral motor exercises
  • To encourage parents of children with feeding concerns
  • To voice what really works

While it was the most popular post this year, the most popular Talk-DS post ever is still Happy Valentine’s Day (Not) from Your Sister.

My sister April, 25 with DS, and I engage by pushing each others buttons and do this remarkably well. Perhaps this is why so many relate to this post.

A look forward

Talk-DS’s purpose remains: To encourage families and professionals and educate on communication and feeding in children with Down syndrome. This year will have One Word guiding its aim –

To Nourish the mind and the heart. 

What is your One Word this year?

Happy New Year!

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  1. I like your word choice, it works on so many levels. I also enjoyed rereading the post about the card April sent you for Valentine’s Day:)

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