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Make it Monday: There was a cold lady…

CC Tomas Aravena adated by Talk-DS
CC Tomas Aravena adapted by Talk-DS

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced cold temperatures like this before. Negative 2 is the predicted high today. In keeping with nature’s freezing cold theme I’ll be reading, “There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow!” by Lucille Calandro this week. As you may have guessed from the title, this is a snowy take on the classic “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.”

In planning therapy activities I look for books like “There was a cold lady…” for many reasons:

  1. Repetition. The text’s natural repetition helps children remember the story. If this book is too detailed for your child, make sure to check out this emergent reader adaptation.
  2. Vocabulary. While many children with DS have a great core vocabulary (think: essentials, get their point across), descriptive vocabulary poses a challenge. This book has great descriptive words like tingle and crunch!
  3. Prediction. The story of this cold lady is very – unusual. She swallows all the parts of a snowman and hiccups! Magically a snowman is created in the process. I tell children up front, “This lady is going to swallow lots of things. In the end they will build something. Think of something we make when it snows outside.” This helps set the foundation of the story. Toward the end of the book I ask, “Can you guess what she’s going to make?”
  4. Sequencing. Linda McCardle of A Teacher’s Touch blog graciously allowed me to link her visual sequencing materials for you! I will have my children retell the story with me using these beautiful pictures. Thanks Linda!
  5. Expansion. Build on the book by making a snow-themed craft this week. Check-out my “Make-It Monday” board on Pinterest for some wintry ideas to pair with the book.

Stay warm and enjoy!