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Make today a “One Thing Day”

Image“What was your 1 Word for 2014 again?” I had to ask myself this yesterday under a barrage of negative thoughts. I took a step back and told my inner critic to “shush it.” You see I’ve been lying in bed since Saturday night with the flu and pneumonia and feeling the pressure of not doing enough.

“Of course you shouldn’t be doing anything,” exclaim the voices of reason.

It’s easy to say, but hard to do – Nothing – Especially as a parent.

This time there is no option. I couldn’t do anything outside of my bed even if I wanted to. So I decided it was time to be kinder to myself. To think about my 1 Word: NOURISH. So I asked some questions:

  1. How can I nourish my body today? Continue to rest.
  2. How can I nourish my mind today? Read a book recommended by a friend.
  3. How can I nourish my heart today? Spend time talking with my husband and sons.

In my conversations with parents, many tell me they wish they knew where to begin once they get home from therapy. Their child sees three different therapists, each with their own ideas for home carry over. To this I say, Pick One Thing. 

“But Jenn! We had OT, PT, AND Speech this week. You want me to pick one?”


Pick One Thing. Today. Now. Pick One Thing.

This will help free you from the paralysis of not knowing where to start. Which one? Well the one you feel is most important for your child in that moment. Tomorrow you might pick something different. Today pick one, relax, and enjoy your child.

When you accomplish One Thing, instead of feeling overwhelmed with 10 you should do and then don’t, it is freeing.

So what’s your One Thing today?
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