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Make It Monday: Fulfillment Pyramid

Today’s Make It Monday is not for your child. It’s for you. Really! WP_20140107_003

Let’s be honest. Sometimes life hands you a bunch of lemons and you want to squeeze the juice into its eye instead of making lemonade. That’s been my 2014:

  • Week 1: My 5-year-old gets mono and we get all the questions that naturally follow. Shortly before this, I hurt my foot on a long run and decide I don’t have time to deal with it.
  • Weeks 2 – 3: I get Type A flu. Yes, I had my flu shot. And pneumonia. Oh, and a double ear infection.
  • Week 4: I finally get out of bed and realize my foot still hurts. I go to the sports medicine doctor and get the diagnosis: stress fracture. I’m sporting an air inflated walking boot for 3-6 weeks.
  • Yesterday morning: We had no water. A water main broke so our entire street was without it. Also, I rolled over in bed before getting up. Not usually a problem for people, rolling over. For some reason a muscle in my upper back went *ping* and spasms commenced. Thankfully my friend Cory’s husband Dave is a chiropractor who gave me great advice when this happened before: ice and Biofreeze.

Does your life ever feel like a Lemony Snicket-esque series of unfortunate events? When I get overwhelmed I vacillate between internal panic and slap-happy. Thankfully, Shawn Fink of Abundant Mama had this wonderful post on Real Mantra’s for Real Parents. Her words breathed life into my worn out soul.

Take a breath.

Be still.

It is okay to experience many different feelings – not just the happy ones.

Look for peace in the moments of unease.

I glanced over and noticed this on my mantel: My fulfillment pyramid.


What is a Fulfillment Pyramid you ask?  The Fulfillment Pyramid is a visual reminder of ways to Nourish my heart. What are the things I really need to satisfy me? I came across the Fulfillment Pyramid Project on Rachel W. Cole’s website. Rachel is an amazing woman who encourages readers to think about what they really hunger for in life. You can download the Fulfillment Pyramid Project toolkit on Rachel’s website. To get visual ideas, visit the gallery of pyramids here.

When I started working on my pyramid, my boys wanted to make one too. I explained that I was making a pyramid to help me remember what I want to think about this year. Things I love. My son Red’s (5) is spot on.

pyramidjack I thought at first it said, “I love Mom.” No. It says, “I love worms.” Completely Red. So if your kids want to make one with you, resist the urge to shape what they want to say. Let them choose their own thoughts (words or drawings). It’s not perfect, but it’s totally Red.

Parents of children with Down syndrome are constantly thinking of their child. The pyramid is a simple way to take a moment for yourself and map out what you crave. Sometimes it’s easier to think of what wears us down. The unfortunate events that pile on our shoulders. For a moment, focus on what fills you up – what brings you peace?

  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Talking to other parents who “get it”
  • Yoga
  • Your faith

There are no wrong answers. Take the time to check-in emotionally. It is worth a few minutes, for you and your loved ones.

If you decide to make a pyramid, please feel free to share at! Please mention if it’s okay for me to post. I’d love to see what inspires you.

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