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What questions do we have about Down Syndrome?

Each I year I have the privilege to guest lecture for the speech-language pathology graduate students at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Miami University. This summer, the UC class submitted questions to me ahead of time – a first. Here is what the pile looked like.

questionsI was excited to read the questions. Yes, all of them! Questions are so important. They lead us to a better understanding of what is happening, why things happen, and if our opinions need to change. Questions vary depending on your perspective and experience. You will see this reflected in the way they are asked.

Over the next few months I am going to feature some of the inquiries I received from the students such as:

“Because Down syndrome is easy to detect early, how early for you suggest beginning intervention for these children?”

“Do you face any behavior issues when working with children with DS?”

“Is there any speech improvement or difference with children with Down syndrome who have undergone surgical intervention such as tongue reduction surgery?”

“What types of things do you use the most to motivate these individuals with Down syndrome to work on their communication skills?”

“What are some of the biggest challenges from adolescents into adulthood for individuals with Down syndrome?”

Just a taste taken from seven typed pages of student questions. Students that one day may work with children with DS. I love teaching and sharing my experience. Dispelling myths, creating excitement, exploring truths – As a guest lecturer I get all of the fun and none of the grading (my professor husband is quick to remind me of this). I’m looking forward to sharing answers to some of these questions in posts very soon!

In the meantime, are you a parent or professional working with young children with DS? If so, please join me on Friday, March 21 at 4 PM EST for Building a Foundation for Successful Communication, one of many sessions being offered through the online 321 eConference. I will talk about how early communication is affected by other areas (e.g., motor skills, cognition, sensory needs, etc) and how to create opportunities for talking.


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