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A day in the life – Sister Texts

A day in my life now usually includes text messages from my sister April, 26 with Down syndrome. This recent exchange highlights our typical interactions, joking, and general interest in each others’ lives. April (A), Me (J) – Spelling and grammar kept as written.copy-jennapril-1.jpg

A: hey sis Lent season It’s already started I’m forgiving up meat any kind of beans and bake potatoes and sweets and candy even doughnuts I have to wait I go back into it for Easter

J: Good. You’ll be less fatty.

J: Stupid spell check. I meant FARTY [“fart” is verboten in my parent’s house, so of course I text it to her]

A: Can you spell dumb sister

J: Yes. Spell check changed it.

A: Please sister do not mean about this that’s unkind I’m trying for my best waiting for Easter

J: Teasing you. Good luck with your Lent.

A: are you sure

J: Yes. Totally sure.

A: ok how about you what are you doing Lent

J: Giving up being mean to you. It will be hard. I think I can do it.

A: beside that sister

J: Oh. Cartwheels. No more cartwheels.

A: are you forgiving up Meat

J: No.

A: why

J: Why are you?

A: Yes. I’m forgiving up meat

J: No, I mean, why aren’t you eating it?

A: because its Lent

J: Well, my Lent includes meat.

There you have it. Lent is forgiving [for giving] up meat and I’m an instigator. All in a day with my sister…who happens to have a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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