Racing Toward Better Speech: #NDSC14 Presentation

Sisters hanging out. Jennifer and April (26)
Sisters hanging out. Jennifer and April (26)

The National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) Convention is in full swing in Indianapolis. Those of you attending #NDSC14 have access to my presentation slides through the convention app. If you didn’t attend or would like a quick way to download yesterday’s presentation I’ve attached them here: BekinsNDSC2014

While I have permission to use the photos and videos in every presentation, I remove the videos prior to online publishing. Thank you for understanding.

To those who attended the course yesterday – WOW! There were a LOT of you. Thank you for coming and the many kind words of encouragement afterward. A special thanks to Benji for talking to Elmo.

If you wanted to ask a question and didn’t get a chance, please feel free to email me at talkdownsyndrome@gmail.com.



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