Sister Spying: On a Date (!!!)

Do you have a sibling? Have you liked every boyfriend/girlfriend they’ve had? That’s where we need to start. Hold that thought. 

A couple of weeks ago my husband, sons, and I were waiting for a table at our local pizza joint. Scanning the room my eyes stopped at a cute couple in one of the booths. That’s when I realized the couple was my sister April and her new boyfriend (!!!). She didn’t notice me and I was in the perfect place to spy on her. This is what I noticed [spied]:

  • They interacted naturally and looked really happy to be together.
  • They worked together to figure out payment and tip doing something on the phone.
  • He paid. Credit. 
  • My sister took the leftover boxed pizza to the bar, explained something, and handed it to the bar tender. 
  • They gathered their things and started walking our way.

My husband asked me if I was going to give them a hard time. Me? Bug my sister? Never!

…Okay, not today

I stopped my sister and gave her a hug. “Is this _____(we’ll call him “The Boyfriend”)?” The Boyfriend introduced himself and extended his hand to shake. He listened as introductions were made and said it was nice to meet us. Then April let me know they were in a hurry to catch a movie next door but she was glad to see us. 

I’m not sure who was beaming more: Me or April.

April is 26 and has Down syndrome. Seeing her out on a date is kind of a big deal. 

Later that week we went to my parents’ house for dinner. I retold my accidental spy mission to April and our mom. Here are additional tidbits I didn’t know about:

  • They Face Timed our mother at the end of dinner to decide on tip. Very clever. (BTW, she has an iPhone and I don’t)
  • April and The Boyfriend wanted to save the pizza, but knew they couldn’t take it into the movie theater. She asked the bartender to save it for them and they picked it up after the movie was over (genius!). 

Later, I asked my mom jokingly, “You mean he doesn’t call her a ‘fat bitch’?” An ex kept whispering this to April during a family dinner years ago. Yes. Kind of blows that “everyone with Down syndrome is so kind and happy” out of the water. 

Back to my original question: Have you liked every one of your sibling’s boy/girl friends?

This is April’s 3rd or 4th boyfriend since early high school. While the guys she’s dated have been nice enough, April + those guys weren’t a good match. I totally get that. I also know this relationship is new and may not last, but I’m excited anyway.

After reflecting on why I’m so happy for April it’s this:

Knowing someone you love is respected, listened to, and cared for is one of the best feelings in the world.


April and The Boyfriend – Shared with her permission after she texted it to me

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