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Growing Up and Thankful

For the last nine years my husband, our two sons, and I have lived about 2 miles down the road from my parents and three youngest siblings. Like in many households, growth is measured in height. When I was younger we were measured on the door frame leading to the basement, but over the last decade we’ve measured growth by “matching.” This means, when we gather together my brother Jacob says, “Let’s match!” Then two people are placed back-to-back and the size comparison commences.

I’ve watched my oldest grow before my very eyes. Here are a few “matches” with Jacob and my son from the past year.

Jacob is my brother through adoption and I am very, very thankful for him. That said, his birth parents are not tall people and our son is in the 95% percentile for height. At newly 11, Louis* is over 5 feet tall. Still, it won’t stop Jacob from matching. He loves to see how tall his nephew is getting and gave him a high-5 last night when Louis finally passed him in height.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for Jacob. He has become a good friend in addition to my brother. He is kind, thoughtful, and a really good listener. Just when you think he isn’t paying attention he makes a comment that blows your expectations away. This year he has helped me around the house as I’ve rehabbed a broken foot and then just because…life. Everyone needs a guy like Jacob in their lives.

Who are you thankful for this year? Feel free to share in the comments!


*My son’s name is changed for online protection as a minor.



2 thoughts on “Growing Up and Thankful”

  1. What an awesome post! I am thankful for your parents and three younger siblings. Your parents are such a strong representation of commitment to God, family and marriage. I want to be like them when I grow up. I am thankful for your younger siblings for the smiles and love that come so easily from them. There is rarely a Sunday that goes by that they have not selfies with my daughter, Chelsey, and she loves it!

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