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About Down Syndrome from a Woman with Down Syndrome

I woke up this morning and started a long Facebook post on what World Down Syndrome Day means to me. Then the site crashed and those words disappeared before they posted.

I have many, many thoughts on Down syndrome. However, my sister April shared her thoughts on Down syndrome and with her permission I want to share them with you.

“Happy National Down Syndrome Day! I was born with Down Syndrome. It’s a very special gift. Sometimes it’s very hard to understand so I learn some new things in life. My dad helps me to learn working on the way up on goals to help me with my language. Sometimes with coming to words I cannot say them the right way.

Also my boyfriend Joel he has Down Syndrome too. He is still learning too. It takes sometime working on talk each other. To take turns talking back and forth – sometime is very hard for him. We can fix our words around trying to talk better.

The way life works: it’s very hard at first to our baby steps and learn very easy. We are not perfect. Things get in the way, getting upsetting a lot, and our fighting back and forth. It is not getting our way.  We need to work on being nice each other to have a better relationship.

I need to work on my words and my language to get better in life. That is hard. So we need put this behind us.

Sometime Down Syndrome is very hard. It can be hard in life to have a child with Down Syndrome, to raise children with special needs. It’s time to learn and make it happen. Just be happy with your kids.

Thank you Mom and Dad to raised me with Down Syndrome just like, to be a part. Be proud of yourself. It’s a gift you cannot take back. To keep it the way. You are special.

Everyone out there with Down Syndrome – you are special. Who cares what people think about us? If they don’t like it, leave it! They are thinking about themselves, but you are special…”


I’ve edited for ease of reading as April posted to Facebook using her iPhone. Edits were also with her permission. Below is a screen shot of her original post.

April WDSD

Thank you April for sharing about your Down syndrome diagnosis. You are a beautiful, interesting, proud woman with Down syndrome. I love you very much and, “If they don’t like it, leave it!”

6 thoughts on “About Down Syndrome from a Woman with Down Syndrome”

  1. Great post. World Down Syndrome Day (it’s an international date recognized by the United Nations, not just a National one) was created by Down Syndrome International to give voice to persons with Down Syndrome. Thank you April, for sharing your life with us.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the significance of World Down Syndrome Day. April called it National Down Syndrome Day and I purposefully did not edit that part. National vs World – regardless, she had a day to share what it means to have Down syndrome.

  2. I was so touched & moved by April’s post & her sisters editing. What special.parents you both share, they really give.meaning to all their children being the same, so therefore they are the same. The Results The World see in the 3 down syndrome children in this family are a direct reflection of the shown to all their children!! They are obviously the most well rounded group of people I Have ever seen, just by.reading & following their adventures on Facebook. It is so easy to see & understand James & Susan Meyers, they ate deducated, in Love, & Completely enamored by their children, all of them. Jen, you and your sublings.must be the proudest kids ever. Thank you for again enlightening my day.:)

  3. I love you, April, and am so proud of you!! You are an amazing Child of God!!!

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