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About Down Syndrome from a Woman with Down Syndrome

I woke up this morning and started a long Facebook post on what World Down Syndrome Day means to me. Then the site crashed and those words disappeared before they posted. I have many, many thoughts on Down syndrome. However, my sister April shared her thoughts on Down syndrome and with her permission I want… Continue reading About Down Syndrome from a Woman with Down Syndrome

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Growing Up and Thankful

For the last nine years my husband, our two sons, and I have lived about 2 miles down the road from my parents and three youngest siblings. Like in many households, growth is measured in height. When I was younger we were measured on the door frame leading to the basement, but over the last… Continue reading Growing Up and Thankful

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Happy Valentine’s Day (Not)! From Your Sister

Originally published on 2/14/2011. Update includes new photo of my beautiful sister, April. ** This year we received a LOT of Valentines. I don't remember getting this many before. Last week my husband Pete was out of town presenting at a conference. He returned home last night, took one look at our mantel filled to the edges… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day (Not)! From Your Sister

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I’m Outraged! Now What? Thoughts on Baby with Down Syndrome “Abandoned” by Mother

When Down syndrome (DS) makes my Facebook trending sidebar, I click the link. By now you've likely seen the article on Sam Forrest heroically taking his son when his wife allegedly abandoned him. And the internet exploded with outrage followed by the desire to "do something to help." As of this morning Forrest's Go Fund… Continue reading I’m Outraged! Now What? Thoughts on Baby with Down Syndrome “Abandoned” by Mother

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Changing Therapists

Will someone please cue Neil Sedaka? They say that breaking up is hard to do. Now I know, I know that it's true. I've had a number of people ask me recently, "How do I know if it's time to change therapists?" This is a loaded question with lots to consider. I'm going to base… Continue reading Changing Therapists