Beyond Therapy Burnout and Parent Guilt

Parents of children with Down syndrome are often familiar with the three therapies most frequently recommended for their child: physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Therapy frequently begins when the child is just months or even weeks old. Once in an established therapy routine, parents may find themselves asking, “Will my child ever be done with… Continue reading Beyond Therapy Burnout and Parent Guilt

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3 for the 21st Blog Hop: A truth, a tip, a pic

Today I'm participating in 3 for the 21st blog hop on With a Little Moxie. 1. One truth about Down syndrome: Having a baby with Down syndrome changes your life. Having a baby changes your life. Life is about change, how we respond to it, and the lessons we learn. 2. One tip: When you get… Continue reading 3 for the 21st Blog Hop: A truth, a tip, a pic

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Coffee Reflections: Society and Syndrome

I read a lot. At work, at home, for work, for pleasure...all the time. One of my favorite times of the week is Saturday morning. Morning coffee in hand I check Facebook, read new updates on the blogs I follow, and relax. I really enjoy reading blogs on how events changed someone's perspective on life… Continue reading Coffee Reflections: Society and Syndrome

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…but then it worked out that way

Tuesday was a mini-luxury; a random day off to recharge. Only recharging for me involves copious amounts of reading, both in paper and on-screen (Kindle/blogs). So I hopped over to a few posts written by members of the DS community. Community: A group of people with a common background or with shared interests within society.… Continue reading …but then it worked out that way