Racing Toward Better Speech: #NDSC14 Presentation

The National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) Convention is in full swing in Indianapolis. Those of you attending #NDSC14 have access to my presentation slides through the convention app. If you didn't attend or would like a quick way to download yesterday's presentation I've attached them here: BekinsNDSC2014 While I have permission to use the photos… Continue reading Racing Toward Better Speech: #NDSC14 Presentation

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A day in the life – Sister Texts

A day in my life now usually includes text messages from my sister April, 26 with Down syndrome. This recent exchange highlights our typical interactions, joking, and general interest in each others' lives. April (A), Me (J) - Spelling and grammar kept as written. A: hey sis Lent season It's already started I'm forgiving up… Continue reading A day in the life – Sister Texts


Understanding the Spectrum: Severity of Down Syndrome

This morning I was going about my usual business, sipping coffee, reading blogs, and wasting time on Facebook when I came across an interesting post called "My Place on the Spectrum" by Jen on Organized Babble. Jen is a speech pathologist who works with children with autism. In talking about autism and her own identity… Continue reading Understanding the Spectrum: Severity of Down Syndrome