31 for 21: Having a sister can be a real pain

Re-blogging an old post on having a sister with DS. I’m also linking a brief article by Brian Skotko and Sue Levine on siblings as advocates. I welcome questions about what it’s like to have 3 siblings with DS.

PS For the time being I am April’s Facebook friend. I expect this to last, at most, another 6-9 months.

Talk - Down Syndrome

I’d always wanted a sister, so when April arrived on the scene I was ecstatic. In fact, I actually named her – April Joy – because I was so happy. I visited her in the hospital after she was born and was told she had Down syndrome. And guess what? I think it’s made me love her more (if that’s possible).

Do we get along all the time? NO! She’s my sister. I don’t know everything going on in her life because I am “Miss Pain In the Butt” or referred to as “Your annoying daughter” when I call for my mom. Why? Maybe because I give unsolicited dating advice although I haven’t been on the dating scene in 10+ years. Or I bug her to eat less and work out more. Or I tell her to stop posting so many things about Twilight on her darn Facebook page. And I’m nosey. I’m very…

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31 for 21: Running and DS Awareness

Recently a friend and colleague told me about the I Run 4 Michael program. Basically, if you like to run (ride, swim, etc) the iRun4 group will match you with a buddy with special needs, of any age, who can't (or doesn't yet) run. The runner and match exchange pictures via a closed Facebook group… Continue reading 31 for 21: Running and DS Awareness


31 for 21: Awareness and Understanding

Many bloggers are posting each day in October in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Let's be honest for a moment. I seriously doubt my ability to blog for 31 days, but I'm going to give it the old college try. Which is my way of saying, it probably won't happen. It's similar to the… Continue reading 31 for 21: Awareness and Understanding

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Community Education: Preschool Preparation

The Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome in collaboration with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is offering "Preschool Preparation." On Tuesday, November 13th from 6 - 7:30 Parents will learn the ins and outs of the IEP process including how-to: Transition from an IFSP to IEP Gather information for the academic team… Continue reading Community Education: Preschool Preparation

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31 for 21: How much speech therapy does a child with Down syndrome need?

Okay fearless followers - How much? Once a week...once a month...never? How much speech therapy does a child with DS really need? It should be obvious that as needs change so does the frequency of therapy. Right? Do you need more when you're 2 years old or when you're 12 years old? When do you… Continue reading 31 for 21: How much speech therapy does a child with Down syndrome need?