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Ask an Apraxia Specialist: Children with DS and CAS

As promised! I am so grateful to my friend and former colleague Shelley Myers, MS, CCC-SLP for allowing me to pick her brain regarding childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) in children with Down syndrome (DS). Shelley is a speech-language pathologist for Banner Children’s at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Her professional interests include Speech… Continue reading Ask an Apraxia Specialist: Children with DS and CAS

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Apraxia & Down syndrome, Part II

Following my post on CAS and children with DS I read many comments and received some insightful questions. I’m going to paraphrase some to help clarify some of the information provided. Are you saying that children with DS don’t have CAS? No! Children with DS most certainly can have CAS. However, from my experience with… Continue reading Apraxia & Down syndrome, Part II

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Let’s talk about speech disorders: Overview

By far, the most frequent concern I hear from  anyone regarding children with Down syndrome is,  "I can't understand what Joe says. He gets so frustrated because he knows what he wants to say, but it is so unclear! What can you do?" Unclear speech is a symptom of a larger problem. To understand how to improve speech we… Continue reading Let’s talk about speech disorders: Overview