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Make It Monday: Fulfillment Pyramid

Today's Make It Monday is not for your child. It's for you. Really! Let's be honest. Sometimes life hands you a bunch of lemons and you want to squeeze the juice into its eye instead of making lemonade. That's been my 2014: Week 1: My 5-year-old gets mono and we get all the questions that… Continue reading Make It Monday: Fulfillment Pyramid

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Make it Monday: Valentine Extravaganza!

This week on Make-It Monday it's about not reinventing the wheel. As a speech-language pathologist I'm on the lookout for quick and fun ways to engage children. I have a few staples I pull out this time of year including: Positional Concept Hearts by Speech Room News. I printed out the hearts, laminated, and attached… Continue reading Make it Monday: Valentine Extravaganza!

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Make it Monday: There was a cold lady…

I don't think I've ever experienced cold temperatures like this before. Negative 2 is the predicted high today. In keeping with nature's freezing cold theme I'll be reading, "There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow!" by Lucille Calandro this week. As you may have guessed from the title, this is a snowy take… Continue reading Make it Monday: There was a cold lady…