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Make It Monday: Fulfillment Pyramid

Today's Make It Monday is not for your child. It's for you. Really! Let's be honest. Sometimes life hands you a bunch of lemons and you want to squeeze the juice into its eye instead of making lemonade. That's been my 2014: Week 1: My 5-year-old gets mono and we get all the questions that… Continue reading Make It Monday: Fulfillment Pyramid


31 for 21: Come on Get Happy!

I have a confession to make - Tuesdays are my favorite days at the Thomas Center. On Tuesday mornings our team meets with children from birth to three years old. I work directly with our physician, dietitian, PT, OT, nurse, and social worker who are all so dedicated to their work with DS. And we meet… Continue reading 31 for 21: Come on Get Happy!