Sister Spying: On a Date (!!!)

Do you have a sibling? Have you liked every boyfriend/girlfriend they've had? That's where we need to start. Hold that thought. A couple of weeks ago my husband, sons, and I were waiting for a table at our local pizza joint. Scanning the room my eyes stopped at a cute couple in one of the booths. That's when I… Continue reading Sister Spying: On a Date (!!!)


31 for 21: Having a sister can be a real pain

Re-blogging an old post on having a sister with DS. I’m also linking a brief article by Brian Skotko and Sue Levine on siblings as advocates. I welcome questions about what it’s like to have 3 siblings with DS.

PS For the time being I am April’s Facebook friend. I expect this to last, at most, another 6-9 months.

Talk - Down Syndrome

I’d always wanted a sister, so when April arrived on the scene I was ecstatic. In fact, I actually named her – April Joy – because I was so happy. I visited her in the hospital after she was born and was told she had Down syndrome. And guess what? I think it’s made me love her more (if that’s possible).

Do we get along all the time? NO! She’s my sister. I don’t know everything going on in her life because I am “Miss Pain In the Butt” or referred to as “Your annoying daughter” when I call for my mom. Why? Maybe because I give unsolicited dating advice although I haven’t been on the dating scene in 10+ years. Or I bug her to eat less and work out more. Or I tell her to stop posting so many things about Twilight on her darn Facebook page. And I’m nosey. I’m very…

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…but then it worked out that way

Tuesday was a mini-luxury; a random day off to recharge. Only recharging for me involves copious amounts of reading, both in paper and on-screen (Kindle/blogs). So I hopped over to a few posts written by members of the DS community. Community: A group of people with a common background or with shared interests within society.… Continue reading …but then it worked out that way

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3 Truths for 3/21: Fallacy, Fact, and Photo

[Fallacy: "Focusing on one syndrome [professionally] must be incredibly monotonous." (I've honestly heard this comment) Fact: Au contraire!  More varied than you can imagine, it has been the best experience of my career. Photo: The first person I met with Down syndrome. My sister April Joy, on the day she came home from the hospital, April 1988 Thanks to Meriah Nichol's… Continue reading 3 Truths for 3/21: Fallacy, Fact, and Photo